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Relaxing foot gel

The gel reduces discomfort, removes foot fatigue, reduces edema and foot heaviness, refreshes and   tonifies. It contains horse chestnut seed, medicinal leech, avellan and grape red leaf extracts which have anti-varicose and anti-inflammatory effects, strengthen the walls of small capillaries and vessels. Ginkgo Biloba, melilot extracts improve capillary circulation, reduce edema and foot heaviness. Green tea extract, lemon, cypress and myrtle oils have antiseptic and antifungal effect, tonify and remove foot fatigue. Gel with light and tender consistency is perfect for everyday foot care, it is quickly absorbed by the skin, does not leave greasy spots. It has a pronounced exhilarating cypress and myrtle scent.

Protection against forgery

* Names of specified shades, colors, textures, smells, flavors, shapes are not trademarks protected by the laws of the Russian Federation
For convenience in finding the right shade of color of the product MULTILAC gel- lacquer 4-in-1 and gel- lacquer Shaper there was developed a system of codes, colors/shades and textures of gel- lacquers. MULTILAC gel- lacquer 4-in-1 and gel- lacquer Shaper is a combination of letters, symbols (words), which allow identifying such properties as color/shade of color and texture.
For color palettes of MULTILAC gel- lacquer 4-in-1 and gel- lacquer Shaper manufactured under the trademark RuNail Professional there was developed a dual system of properties of product identification.
The texture of MULTILAC gel- lacquer 4-in-1 is available in four options: classic, shimmery, glitter, and pearl. And two variants for gel- lacquer Shaper: classic and shimmering.
To identify the correct shade color of MULTILAC gel- lacquer 4-in-1 and gel- lacquer Shape in the diversity of colors and shades on the website, in the catalog, or when you contact us by phone/email you can also use a letter code of color/color shade that will help avoiding mistakes and choosing the right shade.
Please note!
All products presented at our webpage are produced under RuNail Professional trade mark only.
Letter codes or words identifying colors/shades in the color pallets are used only for describing such properties as color/tint/shade, and are not trademarks or other intellectual property. They do not have any legal protection in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and other states.